The Pixelbook 2 Might Be the Pixelbook Go

We've been waiting for a Pixelbook 2 for a while now, but the new laptop Google is expected to launch next month (at its Made For Google '19 event) looks like it will have a different name. Get ready for the Pixelbook Go, a much more traditional laptop than the original Pixelbook

Sources speaking to 9to5Mac revealed that this new laptop will ditch some of the top-line bells and whistles we loved about the Pixelbook, such as a convertible 2-in-1 design and its Pixelbook Pen support. This new Chromebook, instead will be designed with a "portable and ergonomic clamshell laptop form."

This pivot to a classic design seems to fit with changes in Google's Chrome OS devices strategy. This past June, we discovered that Google decided it would no longer make its own tablets (third party Chrome OS tablets will still be a thing). 

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The Pixelbook Go will also have a "tactile feel," according to the report, that's meant to make it grippier and harder to drop. Expect a design that's as light, or lighter than, the Pixelbook, which may be due to a magnesium alloy material. This easier-to-hold material would mean the Pixelbook Go is getting positioned as a built-for-classrooms machine.

Further, expect a high-res screen that matches the original Pixelbook in sharpness, measuring 13.3 inches, with optional 4K. Lower end models will feature a Full HD 1080p screen. Google apparently plans to make Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 configs.