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OwnPhones Wireless Earbuds Are Custom 3D Printed

The fit on earbuds varies wildly, largely because each person's earlobe is a unique and beautiful snowflake. Okay, maybe not beautiful. But if a pair of earbuds matched the exact shape of your ear, the days of painful buds that fall out too easily could be numbered. That's the concept behind OwnPhones, a San Francisco-based start-up that has created 3D printed wireless earbuds that are custom fitted to the shape of your ears. 

The startup isn't alone in the 3D printed earbud space. A few weeks ago, Normals came out of the shadows with a similar concept. And in much the same way, OwnPhone users upload video of their ears, which will be converted into a 3D mold. The company offers a number of customization options, including the ability to choose the color, style and even earbud material, but OwnPhones doesn't elaborate on what those materials are.

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Interestingly, OwnPhone users will be able to add various features for their set, including noise canceling ability, notifications or On/Off indicator LED lights. There are also three model types, with many design options in each: Fit, SmartFit and SmartFit Jewelry.

The buds themselves will communicate with your phone or other device via Bluetooth 4.0. Ownphones is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $250,000 for its first set, which the company expects to release in March 2015. For $149, you can back the project and be among the first to receive a base model Fit. 

If that doesn't suit you, Kickstarter backers have multiple pre-order options at their disposal. The first 500 customers can order the “Designer’s fit” for $175, or a Smartfit for $199. After the first 2,000 earbuds are sold, you can preorder a basic set for $199, a Designer’s Fit set for $249, or a Smart Fit set for $299.  You'll have to be patient, though; the first set of OwnPhones won't be available until March 2015.

OwnPhones was started by Itamar Jobani, a designer who was involved in the 3D-printed Verlan dress. We look forward to trying a pair out for ourselves.