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Opera Revamps Android Browser App For Larger Tablets

Android tablet owners have a new and intriguing browser choice in Opera version 18 , which features improved navigation for larger displays. Available for download via the Google Play store, the new browser also has an Off-Road mode for better speeds on congested networks, an improved Discover feature and a dedicated speed dial for your favorite pages. 

The redesigned interface boasts automatic page sizing and smart scroll bars. It is also enhanced for larger tablets with bigger icons on the speed dial shortcut menu so you don't have to squint to launch your favorite sites. 

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In Off-Road mode, pictures and text on websites are compressed on the server so they take less time to download, speeding up your entire web experience. Opera's built-in Discover feature delivers the latest stories from news and magazines directly to your home screen in a customizable Flipboard-esque grid. A dedicated button for the speed dial screen allows quick access to your pinned or most frequently visited sites no matter where you're browsing. 

While Opera's dedicated browser for the iPad was a pretty weak effort, its browser for Android tablets appears to be more functional and could be a worth a look. You need to be running Android 4.3 or above to use Opera 18, and the size of the download will vary depending on your device.