OLPC Give 1, Get 1 to Start November 17 through Amazon.com

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Last week a One Laptop Per Child official leaked that Amazon.com will be taking the orders for the company's upcoming Give 1 Get 1 program. Through OLPC's second annual Give 1, Get 1 program the XO laptop will be made available to U.S. and Canadian consumers, but only if they buy one to donate to a developing nation.

OLPC Founder Nicholas Negroponte confirmed that Amazon.com will offer the XO laptop starting on the Give 1, Get 1 launch on November 17. According to Negroponte the laptops will retail for $399.

The laptops being sold through Give 1, Get 1 will not run Microsoft Windows XP. "It will not be dual boot, but may have a Linux standard desktop as well as Sugar," Negroponte said. The decision to offer dual operating systems has not been finalized, however.

He also revealed that the first 100,000 or 150,000 customers who participate in the program will get the XO system right away.

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  • eric dewar Says:

    Please send to me more info about this green little laptop: I already have been given-one and suppose it must be the 2007 model or earlier...Please What is it gonna take to better understand as what must be done technically to get this little guy working to be online somehow?


  • Ron Says:

    I would like to buy two, one each for the two children I sponsor in Kenya.
    How can I do this?

  • William Duvall Says:

    Would like to buy one for My child in U.S. A. and give to a specific child in El Salvador. How do we achieve this.

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