Office 365 Update Adds More Collaborative Features

Microsoft has announced a slew of updates to its suite of Office 365 apps to help users work more collaboratively with others. It includes updates to PowerPoint and Outlook as well as better file management and notifications.

PowerPoint will get real-time collaborative editing, which has previously only been available in Microsoft Word. You will be able to see others authoring slideshows as it happens, similar to what is currently available in Google Docs.

Microsoft is also adding mobile notifications for shared documents, so you can see when someone is editing a file you own or share ownership of. Additionally, you'll get new updates for when files are shared with you or other teammates.

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In Outlook, users will be able to take any attachment and store it in the cloud. From there, they can edit sharing permissions and make it available to a few trusted colleagues or even their entire team.

Finally, in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you will soon find a "Shared With Me" tab, similar to the one in Google Docs, that show you files that your teammates sent your way. This should be a lot easier than digging through your downloads folder to find that presentation your boss asked you to fix up.

You can learn more about the November update, which also includes new accessibility and education tools over at Microsoft's Office blog.

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