How to Change Templates in PowerPoint 2016

The ability to switch templates is one of PowerPoint's greatest features. In just a few clicks, you can completely alter the look and feel of your entire presentation. Here's how to change the design template for your presentation in PowerPoint 2016 in just a few steps.

When you first create a presentation file in PowerPoint, you either choose a blank presentation or a specific design template, which sets the color schemes and more for all the slides in your presentation. If, after creating your presentation, you decide that style isn't working for you, however, you can easily apply a different one and quickly change the background, fonts, and other slide elements.

1. Navigate to the Design tab and click to expand the Themes options. Your presentation must be open.

2. Select one of the available theme templates or browse to a saved PowerPoint template on your hard drive.

All of your slides will immediately take on the settings of the design template you selected.

Save your presentation and enjoy its brand new look.