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Springpad Note-Organizing App Gets Big Update for 2012

LAS VEGAS -- As we tech bloggers are further immersed in a deluge of posts, products and announcements here at CES 2012, one of the things that can become difficult is staying on top of it all. That's why it's a breath of fresh air to stumble upon some news about Springpad—the smart, life-organizing app that takes the hassle out of keeping track of the things you have to remember by sorting it out for you.

Available on the web and mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, Springpad lets you jot down your notes, lists and thoughts on its virtual notebooks (called "Springpads," naturally). Your entries are seamlessly synced across all platforms, creating one usable copy of your important reminders, whether you're tied to your computer or on the go. Lately, the developers have even added a feature for offline syncing, so you can view and edit your notes without an Internet connection, using a Google Chrome web app. Revise your notes on the subway—when your Internet connection returns, the app updates it across all platforms. 

But the feature we like best is the app's ability to guess whatever it is you're clipping and organize the item without you having to lift a finger: products you snap with your camera (using the barcode detector) are slurped into a wish-list; notes are sorted into notebooks and filed away by topic. Springpad is scarily accurate, but we aren't complaining—at a place like CES, it's a welcome reprieve from chaos.

And it seems like users of the app agree. Today at Pepcom CES, Springpad announced that they more than quadrupled their user base in 2011, adding about 3 million users from 650,000 at the start of the year. Additionally, more than seven times the number of items were saved by users over the year, or 35 million in 2011, up from 5 million in 2010.

In light of this considerable success, the company also announced that they will be rolling out big changes to the app, which is set to go live later this month. Rest assured that we'll cover the update as soon as it becomes available.