Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Work with Windows and macOS

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers can do more than play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch console. It ends up that they also work on Windows, macOS and Android devices. The Android and Windows discoveries were made by a French fansite, Nintendo Actu, while Twitter user Sam Williams got them working on macOS. 

This occurs because the Joy-Cons use Bluetoooth to connect to the Switch. Nintendo's Wii remotes also worked on PCs because they were identified as Bluetooth controllers. Late last year, Microsoft refreshed its Xbox One controller to work with PCs over Bluetooth, and Sony's PS4 controller can also be used in that manner.

Williams wrote that the controllers simply work once connected, and shared a picture of him playing Ms. Pac-Man in an emulator. On Windows, you'll need keymapping software like JoyToKey to get the buttons to register keyboard and mouse commands.

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We were able to pair the Joy-Cons with both Windows and macOS seamlessly. Pressing a pairing button (between the SR and SL buttons on the side) made them show up in both system's Bluetooth menus, and there's no password or code necessary to pair them.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lips / Laptop Mag