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Nexus 4 on the Way in White?

LG's Nexus 4 was already a very sexy phone, but now it's also a gorgeous vision in white. Well, at least it is if the leaked pictures are any indication. TechCrunch is reporting that photos of the flagship Android phone with a white case have leaked out via images taken with none other than the LG Optimus G. While the original Nexus 4 has been a hard smartphone to find in Google's Play store -- it was sold out in the U.S. Play store till yesterday -- hopefully these leaked photos mean that more devices are on the way.

Rumors of the great white phone's existence have been floating around since November and while there's no guarantee that the white Nexus 4 will be available in the U.S., we sure hope it comes our way. Soon.

Like the black Nexus 4, there's a digitized pattern on the back that catches the light and gives the phone a Matrix-like look. The front of the phone features the same black bezel and 4.7-inch screen as LG's original Nexus 4. While we weren't completely smitten in our review of the Nexus 4, it's hard to deny the good looks of the Android 4.2-powered device. Don't believe us? Hit up the link below for the full set of leaked images.

via TechCrunch