Apple to Reinvent MacBook Pro This Fall: What to Expect

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The MacBook Pro is supposed to be the laptop to get for power users, but Apple hasn't updated the line in so long that the Pro part has almost become meaningless. That will change this fall, though, when the company unveils a completely revamped MacBook Pro.

What should you expect? According to Marc Gurman at Bloomberg, the new MacBook Pro will get the biggest overhaul in four years, featuring an OLED touch screen strip with adaptive function keys, a Touch ID sensor, a thinner design and a potent new AMD graphics card.

MacBook Pro

Although this isn't the first time we've heard about the touch screen strip, Bloomberg offers more details about how it could be used. The panel will alter which buttons are shown based on the application that's open, so you might see cut and paste buttons while word processing or playback controls while using iTunes. 

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Apple could also open the strip up to developers such as Adobe, providing shortcuts for things like photo and video editing commands. Gaming macros are another possibility, should publishers want to tap the strip as well.

To power these types of resource-intensive apps, the new MacBook Pro will reportedly pack AMD's Polaris graphics card, which is 20 percent thinner than its predecessor. Nvidia tends to rule the notebook graphics world, at least on the Windows side, but perhaps Apple is opting for AMD because it's solution is more efficient.

The Bloomberg report doesn't mention what processor will be under the hood, but we can guess that it will be Intel's 7th-generation Core processor (codenamed Kaby Lake). You can learn more about that chip through our sister site Tom's Hardware.

Other features should include at least one USB-C port, a wider touchpad and perhaps even multiple color options, similar to the sleek MacBook line.

The MacBook Pro likely won't be unveiled at Apple's rumored Sept. 7 launch event for the iPhone 7, so our bet is on an early October launch, which will still give Apple plenty of time to tempt shoppers during the holidays.


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  • AndyWiryaPeaceful Says:

    What to expect: Apple will piss off PRO users even more

  • Nathan Dawson Says:

    I need a back to school laptop and I want something powerful with a great screen and good battery life. Should I get the MacBook Air, Pro or hold out till this one comes out?

  • Joe Bean Says:

    Great. Lenovo did this dumb strip on the Carbon X1 a few years ago. Guess what? It is not there anymore. This was so annoying plus it is not fun to have a long strip instead of clearly defined buttons with a tactile feedback. Replacing F1 with other buttons when you need F1 is a good idea to make you really mad, too. Maybe Apple will do it better by only adding buttons instead of replacing the first row of the keyboard, but there is a potential to be really disappointed by this gimmick feature. As for the rest, the Pro was a great model, so being conservative and just making it thinner and faster seems a good idea. One thing is the hires display, should it be 4k so when you watch a 1080p movie you exactly half-scale the resolution to avoid scaling problems? The actual one is not the best for this.

  • JuanSoto Says:

    Not expecting much. Apple is simply getting to cutesy and/or artistic with their hardware instead of building around functionality or practicality.

    Current level of excitement... meh.

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