Here’s the Latest Hint That New MacBooks Are Coming

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If you were worried that Apple would stand still after admitting to MacBook keyboard issues and in the wake of leaked Samsung tablet that looks thinner than the iPad, you can breathe easy. According to new filings, fresh Mac and iPad models appear to be on the way.

Apple’s Registered New MacBooks, iPads Leading to Wild Speculation

French Mac website Consomac reported today (July 5) that Apple has registered multiple macOS and iOS devices with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

However, the details of this listing are slightly confusing. While it makes sense that the registry notes that the macOS machines would be running macOS 10.13 Mojave — which would come out by the time new MacBooks come out — the iOS devices listed appear to be running iOS 11. That would make them outdated, as iOS 12 is slated to arrive for iPads and iPhones this fall. 

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This may point to the iPads coming out earlier than the MacBooks, but it's still a leap to make any declarations. One could argue that the listed iPad model numbers, A1876, A1934, A1979, A2013 and A2014, seem to be of 3 different model lines, though Apple's lately only given the regular iPad and the iPad Pro lines any love. Could the iPad mini be making a comeback?Apple’s Registered New MacBooks, iPads Leading to Wild Speculation

Speaking of jumping to conclusions, the French-to-English Google translation of the Consomac article — which has been echoed in the Mac blog press — suggests that the macOS models marked as A1988, A1989 and A1990 are for the MacBook Pros (updating the 13-inch non-Touch Bar model, and the 13- and 15-inch models with Touch Bars).

While such demarcations seem possible, they're far from a given, considering there is no current MacBook in the A19XX range. Outlooks on the A1931 and A1932 macOS laptops, are equally hazy. While Apple hasn't announced any official plans for its next MacBooks, we expect to learn more about them by late this year.

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