MSI Demos a Windows 7 Tablet with Built-in Swiveling Projector

MSI showed off a tablet with a projector built into its top edge at CES this year. Looking at the size of the device's "brain",  it's a wonder anyone missed it.

Alas, did not, and has now outed the device.  As you can see , the tablet runs Windows 7 and the projector can be rotated to face front or back . What you can't see, however, is the heavy-duty hinge on the hybrid's backside that's needed to support this beast.

There are no details on specs or other features, but, in's video, an MSI rep does mention a projector-based keyboard input system somewhat akin to (or based on) touch-sensitive holographic laser projections like this one.

If you're excited for the convergence of projector and tablet technology, you'll be happy to know that HP recently discussed plans to sell a line of mini-projectors. The company even said to Digitimes that "it is not difficult" to integrate a rotating mini-projector onto a tablet in the spot where webcams are typically housed, though it expressed no plans to do so.

To see the MSI tablet-projector in action, check out

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