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Mozilla Previews Firefox for Tablets Web Browser

Firefox is bringing its awesome to tablets. Mozilla gave the world a sneak peek of the new Firefox for Tablets web browser on its blog. Described as an "evolution of its phone based predecessor," Mozilla is retooling the browser, instead of trying to build something new from the ground up.  The end result combines Honeycomb's clean, minimalist design with Firefox's sharper fonts, distinctive tabs, and a large back button for a slick-looking hybrid.

Similar to the smartphone version of the browser , the "Awesomebar" is being added the the tablet version.  Firefox for Tablets will also take advantage of additional screen real estate, bringing  tab menus--such as the Awesomebar--to the foreground instead of cramming them into off-screen margins. In landscape mode, tabs will appear on the left, so users will be able to switch between them with their left thumb while scrolling through content with their right thumb.

Mozilla's  makes no mention of when Firefox fanatics can take the new browser for a spin, but they were kind enough to create a Flickr page of the nascent browser to tide you over.