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Firefox 23 Adds Improved Security, Sharing to Facebook and New Logo

The final version of Mozilla's Firefox 23.0 has been released after months of testing by developers and early adopters. The new release brings improved security with mixed media content blocking and easier sharing with the addition of a new dedicated sharing button. The familiar orange Firefox logo has also been tweaked slightly, removing a glare effect from the globe of the older version and enhancing contrast and details.

Improving its existing security features is the new mixed media content blocker, which will prevent "man-in-the-middle" exploitation of active content such as scripts on HTTPS pages. Users will have the option to disable the blocker if they start to find it annoying.

In addition, Firefox as added a share button and panel for the browser’s Social API. That means developers can let users share content with friends in one click. This feature currently works only with Facebook Messenger for Firefox and Cliqz, but Mozilla expects that list to expand to other services. The Firefox team has noted on its site that this feature allows you to “post an interesting article to your profile, share a recipe with your friends or send an idea for a gift in a private message or email, all without leaving the Web page you are visiting.”

A bunch of other minor tweaks, such as removing the option to enable JavaScript and simplifying the missing plugin notification panel, were bundled into the update, making the browser somewhat less cluttered. Mozilla cautions that the latest release is still being tweaked, meaning new features and fixes could still be rolled out over time to address some of the known problems.

If you're ready to upgrade, head on over to and download the update. An Android version is also coming to Google Play, which will bring with it a few new features including an RSS reader, autocompleting URLs and the fact that the URL bar will now automatically hide when you scroll down..