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Motorola X Phone Coming to Verizon for $299 in May?

It marks the spot. We’ve been waiting for something big to come out of the Google-Motorola partnership, and the Droid RAZR line didn’t exactly deliver. The Motorola X Phone, on the other hand, could be the sweet satisfaction we've been waiting for.

According to 600-plus pages of information found by DroidLife, Motorola is gearing up to release a super-phone with stock Android and -- get this -- a Verizon Wireless version of the phone will include an optional boat loader for rooting the device.

DroidLife reports that the handset will be available on all carriers and sold via the Google Play store. The Verizon version is rumored to cost $299 with a contract and could include a $15 a month option to root the phone via a special downloadable bootloader. DroidLife suspects other X phones will be sold at prices similar to the LG Nexus 4 which cost $299 for an 8GB model and $349 for the 16GB device when it debuted last year.

And speaking of the Nexus line, don’t expect the Motorola X Phone to be included in that family of devices According to Droid Life, this will not be a Nexus product, despite its one similarity to those gadgets. If the X phone will come with a $15 per month option to root the device, its safe to say the phone’s intended to be a type of free-for-all for developers who want an early shot at the new Android OS, just like the Nexus line.

The Motorola X phone was pegged for a mid-May announcement, as well. That’s the same time as Google’s annual I/O conference, where the company tends to reveal details on new Android operating systems. Get your knives and forks ready for some Key Lime Pie, folks -- and a side of something new from Motorola.

Via DroidLife