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Motorola X Phone May Ship in 20 Colors

Motorola's X Phone is a horse of a different color, or rather 20 different colors, if the latest rumor from PhoneArena can be believed. This seems slightly more realistic than another persistent X Phone rumor:  the ability to customize the phone's hardware according to consumer tastes.

Most OEMs rarely offer more than 6 colors, but if the rumor is true, it may hint at cosmetic customization over hardware. However the sheer number of the color options may be difficult for Motorola to keep up. The most realistic plan would be to mass-produce a few standard colors and allow consumers to place orders for other colors.

While this latest piece of speculation is tantalizing, Motorola has chosen to remain silent. Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has been slightly more forthcoming. During AllThingsD's Dive Into Mobile conference, Schmidt mentions seeing the highly anticipated flagship device, calling it "phenomenal" and "very, very impressive."

Via PhoneArena