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Motorola Moto X Phone Will Reportedly Have Always On Voice Controls

The rumors surrounding Motorola's Moto X phone are heating up as its inevitable launch draws nearer. The latest tidbit shows an always-on voice control function, as well as a few other interesting features. The info comes courtesy of a leaked video from Canadian mobile carrier Rogers Wireless, which appeared on a Google+ user's profile, according to Ausdroid.  

In the clip, a user is shown activating the voice control features by saying, "Okay, Google Now," followed by whatever command you want to give the phone. The handset is essentially always primed for your commands, meaning you could seemingly use your phone without having to touch it. Some users may be concerned about giving their phone the ability to listen to them at all times. Although, chances are that users will be able to disable to function.

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The video also showed off a new feature called "Active Updates," which replace the multicolor LED notifications found on current Android handsets in favor of on-screen notifications. We're hoping this is a feature that is only active when the display is on, rather than something that automatically switches on your display whenever you get a notification, as it could have an impact on your handset's battery life.

Further information included in the video refers to an improved camera with features such as Burst Mode and a new camera launcher that lets you turn your wrist twice rather than tapping through multiple screens and icons to get to the app. 

What isn't made clear is whether any of the aforementioned features will be specific to the Moto X phone, or part of Google's next Android update. The Moto X will be the first official smartphone to launch under the Motorola Mobility brand since it was officially acquired by Google in March 2012.

via: Ausdroid