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Motorola Droid 3 Video Leaked Showing 5-Row Keyboard, HDMI Out

Are you ready for a third Motorola Droid? German website PhonePads released several tutorials videos that appear to show the yet-to-be-announced Motorola Droid 3. Some of the features mentioned include an 8-megapixel camera capable of capturing video in 1080p with dual LED flash and a 5-row QWERTY keyboard with a dedicated row for number keys. Mini-HDMI and mini-USB ports were also spotted in the tutorials.

The videos give no details on the processor or the OS, so speculation is still flying about both features. It’s been rumored that the phone will run on a 1-GHz OMAP 4430 CPU, but other reports are leaning towards Nvidia Tegra 2. Speculation is high that the new Droid will launch with Android 2.2, but the “Software shown not final, your screen may vary” disclaimer at the bottom of the video might suggest that Droid 3 will have Gingerbread straight out the box. Another key question is whether or not the latest Droid will have 4G capability.

While the videos provide a tantalizing look at the next evolution of Droid, it leaves us with more questions than answers – questions that will have to wait until Motorola makes an official announcement. For now, check out the videos below.

via PhonePads