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Motorola Developing X Phone to Rival Apple and Samsung

Motorola's been pretty quiet since it was acquired by Google, but quiet doesn't necessarily mean inactive. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company has begun work on Google's next phone. Dubbed the "X Phone," Google is hoping the new flagship device will be able to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. There are also plans in the works to create an "X Tablet."

There's currently no word on specs or what will make the X Phone a marquee device. Former Google product manager Lior Ron is leading the charge with Larry Page exhorting the team to "think big." So far early reports have Motorola engineers researching high-end camera, photo software and bendable displays. However the company has run into some obstacles, including subpar battery life.

The new device is a large part of Google's plan to raise Motorola's diminished profile in the smartphone market. Another part of the strategy to focus Motorola's efforts on the largest markets. However Google is walking a fine line with OEMs and their newly acquired company. To preempt perceptions of preferential treatment towards Motorola, Google hasn't given the smartphone maker early access to the most up to date versions of Android. Industry drama aside, we're eager to see what the X Phone has to offer, if it ever comes to fruition.