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Motorola Challenges iPod nano with MotoActv

Motorola is trying to get more of us off the couch with MotoActv, which tracks your running, cycling, and other statistics. It's a combination fitness device and music player, and with GPS you can keep tabs on your workout routes. Motorola says the device learns the songs that motivates you the most.

The 8GB version will cost $249, and the 16GB version will cost $299. Motorola will pair the Motorola SF700 & SF500 sports headphones with the device for tangle-free workouts. And there's a built in heartrate sensor right in the earphones.

Other highlights. The device is outdoor readable, sweat proof, and can store 4000 songs. You can sync the gadget with and create cutomizable plans, get detailed workout analysis, and challenge buddies. Check out images of MotoActv below.