Moto X Custom Engraving Feature Cut from Moto Maker

Motorola touted its Moto X phone as the only smartphone you can design yourself, from the colors of its front and back plates to the words printed on its back. Don't count on adding your own personal message to the back, however, as new reports suggest the personal engraving feature has been temporarily cut from Motorola's Moto Maker studio.

The company has reportedly said that the quality of the prints in tests were not up to Motorola's standards for a consumer product, Motorola revealed this information in a statement to The Verge after Computerworld's J.R. Raphael initially posted the news on his Google+ page.  The smartphone maker reportedly hopes to have this issue resolved soon and plans to offer this feature in the near future. Users will still be able to customize how the device looks by choosing a front color, back shade and accent hue for their Moto X via the AT&T exclusive Moto Maker studio. 

We had the chance to play with the Moto Maker's personal inscription feature before Motorola yanked it, finding that Motorola doesn't care for foul language. When we tried to engrave the word "Boobs" on our Moto X, the website displayed a message saying: "We'd rather you not say that. How about another try?"

On a more serious note, the engraving feature can be used to label your device with any message of your choice, whether it be your email address in case your device gets lost or your favorite word or phrase. Motorola hasn't specified when this feature will return to the Moto Maker, but we'll keep you updated as soon as it does.

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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