More Notebook Sales Means More Microsoft Accessories

With laptops (thanks to the recent surge in netbooks) outselling desktops, Microsoft's Hardware Group doesn't want to be left in the dust.  And thus today the company released three new notebook accessories including its Notebook Cooling Base and its Arc Mouse and  Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 in a new array of cheery colors. The Notebook Cooling Base has a  built-in fan and a "efficient cooling channel to prevent overheating". It is USB-powered so  forget those AAs. Available in white and black, it's priced at $29.95 and will be available in July. Also announced were special editions of the 4.5 star Arc Mouse in white, purple, olive green and blue which will be available this month for $49.95. See our full review of the Arc mouse.  Similarly the  Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 will be available in  blue, red, pink, green and purple. Check out higher resolution pictures of the new accessories below.