Mobile Game Hands-Free with Headflat, But Don't Be Seen in Public

Sure, a lot of gamers prefer using a physical controller to play on a touch-screen device, because they have more accuracy and allow the user to place two hands on the controller while their eyes are focused on the display. However, are they willing to wear a silly baseball cap with a rig that attaches to it in order to do that? We're not so sure.

German start-up Headflat has a contraption that attaches your smartphone to your head and dangles it out in front of your eyes, to let you navigate through your games or movies while using a controller but without holding the phone. The device looks like a baseball cap and has a lightweight rig attached that can apparently hold any commercially available smartphone and keep it 55 away from your head.

Using the Headflat device, you can game or consume content on your smartphone while sitting, standing or laying down.  However, there are less-awkward solutions out there for gaming, like the PowerA Moga Controller, which snaps your smartphone directly to your controller so you can let your hands focus on advancing a level, not holding the handset.

Currently a Kickstarter project, Headflat has  needs to raise $100,000 to become a reality, and as of this posting there were 56 days to go and 68 backers had pledged $4,109. We haven't tested the rig out, so it could very well be a comfortable device, but we're not sure we'd be caught wearing a contraption like this in public. Would you wear it? Let us know in the comments.

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