MMT Launches Mobile2Go, a Portable, 15.6-Inch HD Display for Mobile Devices

Tablets are a go-to option for giving presentations on the run, but pulling back your slate to navigate files and flip through touchscreen controls creates a less-than-enthralling experience. Second screens makes sharing content much simpler, and Mobile Monitor Technologies hopes to bring dual-display capabilities to the road with its new Monitor2Go, a portable, rotatable 15.6-inch HD monitor that mirrors or extends the screens of tablets, smartphones and PCs alike and stopped us in our tracks at this year's CES.  

The monitor measures between 0.45-inch and 1.09-inches thick and weighs just 3 lbs. Mobile devices can only connect to the display using an HDMI connection, so you might need to pick up an adapter if your phone or tablet is missing that port. Computers connect via one of three USB ports and can use the Mobile2Go's built-in DisplayLink support to daisy-chain up to six of the displays together. The display's audio-out jack could come in handy since the Monitor2Go lacks built-in speakers.

The brushed aluminum design should fit in well with Apple devices and along those lines, the Monitor2Go includes a slide-in slot for the iPad 2 or iPad 3, complete with a Kensington lock.

Two versions of the Mobile2Go are available: the 1600x900 resolution version costs $329, while a 1366x768 model will set you back $299.