Mini-Notebook Typing Madness: Revenge of the Wind

A while back, we challenged the fiercest typists in our office to a mini-notebook typeoff with the Eee PC, the HP Mini-Note and the CTL 2Go PC. The HP Mini-Note, with an average word per minute (wpm) score of 53.25, emerged the victor.

Now that the newest mini-notebook, the MSI Wind, has graced our office, we had to put it to the test. Our top type-off typers (say that three times fast), Emily "Key Crusher" Kizer and Avram "The ESC Artist" Piltch, took Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor's "To be or not to be" test on the Wind and emerged with scores of 80 wpm and 74 wpm, respectively.

Both Key Crusher and The ESC Artist found the keyboard to be even friendlier than the Mini-Note. They appreciated that the keys were not as slick and that the keyboard didn't sit at an odd angle like it does on the Mini-Note.

According to Key Crusher, "The keyboard on the Wind felt a lot more like a full-size keyboard, so that made typing a lot easier than it was on other mini-notebooks. Its keys aren't quite as flat as the Mini-Note's and there were no keys misplaced, so typing on it was actually a breeze."

This is just another example of how the Wind (and its pun-friendly name) continues to blow away the competition.

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