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The MSI Wind is not being marketed as a gaming laptop and for good reason. You wouldn't expect a mini-notebook with an integrated graphics chip, a low-power Atom CPU, and a 1024x600 resolution screen to offer good 3D graphics performance. But sometimes you're stuck in the airport, the coffee shop, or the in-laws house, and you start twitching, because you just have to get a dose of your favorite MMO. Can the MSI Wind provide a quick gaming fix? The good news is "yes," if you're willing to turn down or turn off most of your favorite game's 3D effects. We tested the popular MMO City of Heroes and, with the lowest possible graphics settings, we were able to play reasonably well. We have yet to try World of Warcraft, but we're confident that will work too. We even got a bit cocky and tried to install Call of Duty 4, but it would not work due to driver issues. Check out the video below to see City of Heroes in action on the MSI Wind. [flq:8d12606ff894465f87f3d1de56cb7b58] More MSI Wind Coverage:

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  • Daniel Says:

    I was wondering if this testing was done after adding extra RAM and/or overclocking. Would doing either of these methods improve the performance?

  • Roenie Says:

    11-12 fps isn't exactly what I would consider playable.

  • Onuris Says:

    I was wondering if you can play COE and WOW, can you make the test with Silkroad on Line? thats my favorite MMO, if you can make the test and tell me if it works I'll buy it :D

  • Jim Says:

    Your flash video doesn't recognize Adobe Flash version 10 (which I have installed on my PC).

  • jem Says:

    but it can install online games?

  • barneybob Says:

    To Nobody, Jspider, Corto:

    Check out the following link for your concerns about a "gaming UMPC":

  • Corto Says:

    Not to mention that if you raise game performance in an UMPC (in other words change the graphics chip for something faster) it's battery life will take a drop. No doubt about it. 3D gaming particularly takes much more battery juice than simple 2D actions (like net surfing). Batteries have their limits, too. And using supply current doesn't always come in handy with UMPC's. They're supposed to be quite mobile, after all.

    I'd settle for playing those older games on UMPC and do modern gaming on a desktop PC with supply current and killer graphics card. Much more convenient that way.

  • Jspider Says:

    It's definitely mixed

    You can't really raise gaming power without raising price but maybe that's what needs to be done. Granted UMPC's will never be as powerful as power based laptops. But why can't there be high priced UMPC's that have better performance but still designed for small form factor and high battery life?

  • Nobody Says:

    When will someone make a dedicated Windows XP Gaming UMPC? Every single UMPC blog I see people asking about gaming performance. Gaming is a huge selling point. All of these UMPC's aimed at business use and word processing, I see people say ''will WOW run on this?'' When will the manufacturers wise up and actually tap into this gap in the market. A dedicated Gaming UMPC would sell many units, not just for gamers but for business users too since the performance will be high. I have a UMPC manufactured for business use and I use it purely for gaming and emulation. Its a no brainer people.

  • Ben Says:

    Hi. I'm no computer wizz, so the various numbers for the graphics cards n stuff don't mean much :(. The only games I'd really be looking to play are things like GTA San andreas, old unreal tournaments and maybe a couple of 2+ year old shooting games. Do you reckon the msi wind could cope? Cheers.

  • Sandman Says:

    The embedded video doesn't seem to be working :(

    "Sorry, this video file was not found on our server"

  • Diego Says:

    Hello, I am interested in this UMPC, I play very much to world of warcraft and I would like to know if it works correctly in this UMPC. I suppose that in populated sites(places) it(he,she) will have few FPS, but it will be possible play correctly? Is it a better the graphical performance(yield) than the Asus eee??
    Thank you;)

  • Vahid Says:

    please pretty please, try playing Joint Operations on it also! And Battlefield 2 maybe?

  • Ryan Says:

    I was just wondering if you were able to make a guide to increase the shared graphics memory (if you are able to do so) It would be such a great tip.

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