Gaming on the MSI Wind

The MSI Wind is not being marketed as a gaming laptop and for good reason. You wouldn't expect a mini-notebook with an integrated graphics chip, a low-power Atom CPU, and a 1024x600 resolution screen to offer good 3D graphics performance. But sometimes you're stuck in the airport, the coffee shop, or the in-laws house, and you start twitching, because you just have to get a dose of your favorite MMO. Can the MSI Wind provide a quick gaming fix? The good news is "yes," if you're willing to turn down or turn off most of your favorite game's 3D effects. We tested the popular MMO City of Heroes and, with the lowest possible graphics settings, we were able to play reasonably well. We have yet to try World of Warcraft, but we're confident that will work too. We even got a bit cocky and tried to install Call of Duty 4, but it would not work due to driver issues. Check out the video below to see City of Heroes in action on the MSI Wind. [flq:8d12606ff894465f87f3d1de56cb7b58] More MSI Wind Coverage:

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