Microsoft Brings Android Notifications to Your PC

Microsoft’s first party application, Your Phone, has received an update that will now display Android phone notifications on Windows 10 PCs. 



Your Phone is a Windows 10 application that allows you to wirelessly sync an Android phone to your PC. This enables media management and the ability to read and respond to text messages directly from your computer. The application also serves as a seamless way of transferring media content between your Android phone and PC. While this new update is useful, you are still unable to take action on notifications directly from a PC.


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Microsoft appears to have beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to first party mobile notifications. Microsoft will soon mirror your Android phone screen allowing immediate action in a process it dubs “notification chasing.” Apple users have access to these features solely through third party software.


Upon initial release, we found Your Phone to be useful but lacking essential features. The barren UI, inability to see images in text threads and lack of notification display meant that the app was good for little else than a quick message. Over time Microsoft has increased the app’s usability and has big features planned for the future.

Credit: Microsoft Corporation


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