Make Your iPhone Exotic with Case-Mate's Crafted Collection

Sure, there are iPhone cases that can be dropped off large buildings or dunked in water, but what if you want your smartphone to make a design statement? Case-Mate's Crafted Collection started with Woods, a series of three cases made from exotic wood sourced from around the world, surrounded by brushed aluminum. At this year's CES 2013, the company unveiled 12 new additions to the Crafted Collection, from pearl to gemstone.

The overall design of the Crafted Collection is based on vintage cars, giving each case a beautiful, nostalgic vibe updated to fit the modern form factor of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Each case in the crafted collection has its own unique showcase material surrounded by brushed aluminum. These cases not only look beautiful, they feel solid and well built, composed of two separate pieces that fit seamlessly together to provide the perfect fit.

The first new cases are made from natural pearl sourced from Hawaii and come in black, silver and gold. The pearl is placed in a fan shape pattern designed to maximize the color of the pearls and their reflectiveness. These are easily the most colorful and vibrant cases in the collection, with the acetate coming in at a close second.

The gemstone cases are made from actual gemstone, employing howlite, black marble and turquoise to achieve a polished design. The material for the acetate cases is sourced from Italy and inspired by classic Italian horn-rimmed glasses. It's available in white horn, tortoise stripe and pewter.

There are also three new additions to the Woods: Narra, Birdseye Maple and Leopard Wood. Our favorite part about the Woods line was the unique textures for each different wood. The material is sourced from all over the world, giving this collection a uniquely natural and exotic feel.

The Woods and the Pearls are currently available for sale, with the Woods costing $80 each and the Pearls costing $150 each, both available through Case-Mate. There's not availability or pricing for the acetate or the gemstones cases yet, but they should be available in the coming months.

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