MacBook Pro Owners Report Weird Popping Sound

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Certain MacBook Pro users have been reporting a popping sound coming from their laptops, leaving some concerned about what's happening inside their computers.gettyimages 618595316

The problem may be limited to 15-inch, 2016 Macbook Pro models, 9to5Mac and Apple forums suggest.

On at least one occasion, the popping sound was attributed to a dent in the casing. Other users have theorized that it's because of an expanding battery, other internal component movements or just hinge movement.

Replacing fans and the chassis and reinstalling the macOS didn't resolve the problem, according to users on the forum. Some other owners say that Apple has replaced internal parts, such as the logic board, but that didn't solve the issue, either.

To be fair, besides the concerning sound, 2016 MacBook Pro owners seemed otherwise happy with their laptops.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on this problem. We will update this story should we hear back.

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  • Thierry Says:

    I have the same problem :
    1) only once big clic when opening the macbook (it comes back after 1h in closed position)
    2) some pops when heating up and down. they come probably from the hinge
    3) pops occurs overtime when pressing the middle bottom part of the display
    MBPRtb2016, 2.6Ghz, 460 radeon

  • Boris Vološin Says:

    I had the popping sound problem in my MacBook Pro 15 inch. My opinion is that all components are simply too tight together and do not have space to extend due temperature, to ventilate properly. Aluminium chassis gets warm very much as well. Even MacBook Pro is a powerful computer it is not suitable for heavy CPU/GPU extensive work as rendering or visualization. Finally my GPU chip had gone, resulting in accidental restarts. After expensive replacement of the broken chip it happened again within few months. Exact source of the noise was not told to me, but it was very annoying. But less annoying than uncontrollable restarts. A switch to Lenovo Thinkpad brand solved the problem perfectly. Sadly Apple do not seem to have currently in their offer powerful machines enough suitable for work.

  • Mark Stone Says:

    It's possible that champagne corks at Samsung are making that sound because it's not one of their devices.

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