Lenovo Launches ThinkPad W540 with Best ThinkPad Display Ever

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Lenovo-ThinkPad-W540Lenovo is bringing the highest quality display ever to its ThinkPad line with the new ThinkPad W540. The 15.5-inch notebook's IPS display offers an eye-searingly impressive 2880 x 1620-pixel resolution. That's well above the current generation Thinkpad W530's 1920 x 1080 resolution display. And with a thickness of 1.1-inch and weighing 5.45 pounds, the new ThinkPad W540 is the thinnest and lightest 15-inch mobile workstation around.

It's not just about display resolution improvements and chassis dimensions, though. The Lenovo ThinkPad W540 also offers some serious horsepower. Packed with Intel's latest quad-core Core i7 processor, a huge 32GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage, the W540 will easily chew through any number crunching task you throw its way. Graphically, the W540 is a powerhouse, as well, offering Nvidia's Quadro graphics with Optimus 2D and 3D content creation.

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Lenovo has also included an onboard Thunderbolt port and integrated X-Rite color calibrator. Naturally, the W540 comes with the usual array of I/O ports, as well as available 4G LTE connectivity for working on the go. Lenovo hasn't announced pricing for the ThinkPad W540, but judging from its specs you can expect this machine to command quite a high price. We'll find out more as we get closer to its November launch date.

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  • Lenovo W540 Says:

    the battery life in the W540 seems to have taken quite a hit. Lenovo is advertising the W530 as "up to 7.4 hours" with a 6-cell, while the W540 with the same 6-cell is "up to 6 hours." This is a shame with the whole point and focus of Haswell having been to improve mobility. Maybe the new screen is more power-hungry?

  • PeterPaulAndMarry Says:

    Release is November 2013... in time for Xmas :-)

    By the way M"Apple makes the quintessential ultraportable notebook even bette[...]" really really funny. I can not understand, why people seriously believe in these myths. MApples OS is boring, when you wanna use usefull tools you gonna use Windows-based software. Even Apple uses more ore less directly the Mikosoft Office...

    Most of the People say, oh it is the performance... naaa sorry, now a days you have a huge number of different companies that produce really durable & nice looking machines. Then you have IPS .. yes some AkeBooks have IPS but this only for high price configurations. But anyway when I pay so much, I would buy myself a professional PC Laptop. So I can save money, have a more powerfull and at least that good design.

    But I do not want to blame MApple here only, it is (was with Steeve - good bless him) a forward looking company with groundbreaking design and ideas. Ehm, sorry I know none new product of MApple that is in some case like this.
    With very smart public relation work there is even now the opinion very popular that MApple have still the best products. This is funny for those who inform themself.

    Looking on each product sector you will see, that there are many many more and even better products, for less money. This is my opinion - sorry.

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