LAPTOP Readers' Choice: Lenovo Has The Best Keyboards and Touchpads

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Last week we asked you to vote on which notebook brand has the best keyboards and touchpads. It was a close race, but in the end LAPTOP readers once again chose the same brand we did for the top spot: Lenovo.

This comes as no surprise to us since Lenovo keyboards (if not the notebooks themselves) have a loyal fanbase. And, of course, most people who love TrackPoints love the ones found on the ThinkPad line the best. Apple was a close second amongst readers, which coincides with our scoring.

HP and Toshiba came in third and fourth place, which doesn't mesh with our rankings -- we gave Toshiba and Samsung 12 and 11 points out of 15, putting them in third and fourth place, respectively. Unfortunately, very few readers rated Samsung amongst the best.

Here are the final poll results in full:

Lenovo 34.2%
Apple 26.5%
HP 17.4%
Toshiba 8.4%
Sony 5.2%
ASUS 3.2%
Dell 3.2%
Samsung 1.3%
Gateway 0.7%
Acer 0.0%
Fujitsu 0.0%
MSI 0.0%

In round 3 readers will decide which brand is the most innovative. Asus won this one hands down in our assessment, will the readers agree?

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  • Jo Says:

    And then Lenovo ruined with their attempt to fix what was good with their "stylish" accutouch keyboard and intelligent touchpad. It's a disaster mostly because of how close they're putting the touchpad so it literally is impossible to type without brushing it. They also decided (an idiot needs to be fired then taken out back and shot multiple times in the groin and then head) to make the buttons of the touchpad sensitive to touch so when you try to click on something the cursor can jump down 2 inches. Also it's a fun to watch your cursor distractinly moving up and down the screen as you type whenever you brush your touchpad (it does this because I've loaded a program--touchpad freeze--to turn it off while I"m typing but this is apparently the best it can do).

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