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iOS Users Account for 61 Percent of Mobile Web Site Visits to Android's 19 Percent

While Samsung is selling more phones than Apple globally, the Cupertino company's iOS operating system accounts for three times as many web page visits. According to a new study released by Net Market Share, in October, iOS devices accounted for 61-percent of mobile web visits to Android's 19 percent. Both numbers have grown dramatically since December 2010, when they accounted for 49 and 12 percent respectively.

So who's losing out? Java ME, which represents the Java-based browsers on most feature phones, now accounts for just 13-percent of mobile web visits as compared to 26-percent just 10 months ago. Symbian's share was also cut in half, from 8 to 4 percent. However, BlackBerry really stands out as a big loser, going down to just 2 percent.

This report also holds very bad news for Microsoft, whose Windows Phone OS doesn't even have enough share to register on the chart, falling into that 1-percent of "other" browsers. Perhaps, with a new generation of Windows Phone 7.5 phones coming out and Nokia moving away from Symbian, we'll see mobile IE make the list in a future month.