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How to Use the iOS 8 Mail App

At first glance, the iOS 8 mail app doesn’t look too different from its predecessors. However,  there are some changes that make it much easier to use. Learn about the new features by following these steps.

1. Open your mail app.

2. Select a message and slide to the left to flag or archive it

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3. Tap More to reply, forward, flag, mark as unread, move to Junk, move it somewhere else, or notify you when anyone replies to the thread.

4. You can also flag, mark as unread, move to Junk, or notify you, by tapping on the flag icon in the upper left.

5. Open a message.

6. Mail now recognizes dates, times, and locations. Tap and hold on a date or time to create an event or show it in the calendar.

7. Tap and hold on an address to open in Maps or add to contacts.

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