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iOS 8 Beta 4 Reveals Tips App, New Control Center

The fourth beta version of Apple iOS 8 is now in the hands of developers, who have revealed a few nifty features that Apple lovers can look forward to this fall. On top of some small UI tweaks, the latest iOS 8 beta includes updates to Control Center and Messages, and even introduces a new app. 

That new app is Tips, which was teased at WWDC 2014 before making its first appearance in iOS 8 Beta 4. Tips will be a default iOS 8 app, and will teach iOS users how to do things like quickly answer notifications, send voice messages and activate Siri without touching a button. 

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As far as aesthetic updates, Apple has gotten rid of the black borders around each icon in Control Center, giving the dashboard even more of a minimalist look. The Safari bookmarks icon has been tweaked a bit, now sporting curved pages instead of flat ones. The settings menu packs a new Display & Brightness menu, which lets you tweak brightness, text size and text boldness.

Apple has added a handful of subtle but useful functionality updates, as well. When using the Mail, Contacts and Calendars apps, you'll be able to assign different functions to left and right swipes. Spotlight Search has been updated, allowing you to remove Voice Memos and Bing Web results from your searches. On the SMS end, you can now configure different expiration times for text, audio and video messages. You'll also be able to see your spoken text in real time when using text-to-type. 

iOS 8 is slated to arrive for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners this fall, and we're looking forward to getting our hands on the final build. Apple has yet to announce a specific release date, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the OS launch alongside the much-anticipated iPhone 6. 

 Source: MacRumors