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IntreprePhone SpeechTrans App Translates During Conference Calls

LAS VEGAS -- SpeechTrans, a multilingual language translation app, just launched a new service—IntreprePhone—at this year's CES. Available in-app on SpeechTrans, IntreprePhone allows folks who speak different languages to communicate with each other on a conference call, as the service translates each speaker's words on the fly and voices it back to the listener in his own native tongue. Propelled by Nuance's powerful speech recognition technology, the service conveniently eliminates the need for any live interpreter. We can imagine this really taking off in business situations where the client and the vendor speak different languages.

Here's how it works: You join a regular conference using your phone, but in addition to punching call-in codes to activate the bridge, you also answer several prompts identifying the language you'd like to speak and the language you'd like your spoken words to be translated into. Once both languages have been set, proceed with the call normally. Just hit '1' before you begin speaking, and the star key (*) when you're done. The words you uttered will then be translated and spoken aloud to the caller at the other end of the line. The second person follows a similar procedure, tapping '2' then hitting the star key after he finishes speaking; this allows both callers to participate in a bilingual exchange in real time.

As mentioned, SpeechTrans is already available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. If you're currently a proud owner of this Android app or the SpeechTrans Ultimate app on the iPhone, you'll get IntreprePhone on your device automatically, since it's folded into these versions. Just be prepared to fork over $9.99/month for the service, which also works on any telephone that can do a conference call. Or, if you're willing to commit long-term, hop on for $4.99/month with a 1-year contract on their official website.

via SpeechTrans