New Intel 6th Gen vPro CPUs: What Businesses Should Know

While consumers have been enjoying Intel’s latest and greatest 6th generation CPUs since they launched last fall, the company hasn't rolled out its chips for business laptops, until now. However, the wait is worthwhile because, on its new vPro-equipped 6th gen CPUs, Intel has added some additional features that could bring big changes to the workplace.

The new business-friendly 6th Gen Chips will be available in both Core Series (Core i3/i5/i7) and Core m (Core m3/m5/m7) varieties OEMs can use them in a wide array of designs, including large workstation-class laptops, tablets with detachable keyboards and hybrids with 360 degree hinges. The most important new features on Intel’s 6th gen vPro chips help deal with security, collaboration and small business IT management.

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Intel Authenticate beefs up security with a range of multifactor logins including traditional PINs, fingerprints, verified networks or even using nearby Bluetooth devices to ensure the people who are accessing sensitive info are truly who they say they are. Intel claims that even if a system is encrypted with a virus that can record info off the screen, malicious hackers won’t be able to intercept the PIN code because Intel Authenticate uses a secure pathway for verification. And, of course, everything can be easily monitored and controlled by IT, even remotely. 

Intel Unite is a vPro feature that seeks to revamp the meeting room. Using a single vPro powered device, employees can connect to a virtual meeting using a single PIN, and seamlessly share their screens or webcams. Participants can even control a centrally positioned camera so that remote attendees feel more like they are present. The PIN number switches periodically to enhance security, and with support for Windows 7, 8, 10 and OS X, there’s almost no need to upgrade employees’ existing computers to get it to work. Unite even has the smarts to prevent IMs or warning notifications from popping up while your screen is shared, so an untimely message or inconsequential error doesn't ruin your presentation. 

Finally, Intel Small Business Advantage is a software service that gives growing companies the ability to share and manage data without needing to hire full-time IT pros. It allows you to do things like lock down the USB ports on a computer, or customize permissions so that you can plug in and use a mouse, but not a USB drive. It also allows you to more easily send data from one device to another, so if someone needs to elevate a customer from sales to support, you can send over the file instead of pulling it up again on a different machine.

Devices with these chips should be rolling out as soon as the end of the month, and with over 100 upcoming systems set to use vPro CPUs, there should be a device that should easily fit whatever needs your business requires.