Having iCloud Problems on Windows 10? A Fix is Coming

Apple and Microsoft are teaming up to fix a new problem in Windows 10.

Credit: Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock

In a support posting on its website, Microsoft said that it's now "working with Apple to provide a compatible version of iCloud for Windows 10, version 1809." The company didn't say when that compatible version would be launching, but did say that it would be available "in an upcoming release."

The problem comes from Microsoft's October update, called version 1809. After people installed the update on their machines, they discovered that it effectively bricked iCloud and stopped allowing them to sync or update their Shared Albums. And if anyone with the software version tried installed iCloud on the machine, it would tell them that iCloud for Windows is incompatible with their software and therefore unable to be installed.

Not surprisingly, the problem caused some concern among the legion of Apple fans that rely on iCloud to sync content, access data, and more. And not surprisingly, many took to forums across the Internet to find out what's happening.

Microsoft released version 1809 on Nov. 13 and acknowledged the iCloud flaw on Nov. 16. According to the company, it also affects Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server, version 1809.

While Apple and Microsoft work on a fix, Microsoft has blocked devices that are running iCloud for Windows from being able to download Windows 10, version 1809. The company added that Windows 10 users shouldn't manually update Microsoft's software and circumvent its automatic download process.

The company didn't say when iCloud for Windows would be accessible again, but it did say that the fix would be available "in an upcoming release."