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I-Mego New ZTone Earphones Deliver Custom Fit For Less

Fans of in-ear headphones know that finding a pair with a decent fit and passable sound can be a crapshoot. However I-Mego might just have the solution with its new $99.99 ZTone in-ear buds. The newly-announced earphones feature custom-molded ear gels that shape themselves to the listener's ear canal. Users can choose from among four different-size gels. The result is a secure, comfortable fit that shuts out ambient noise and keeps the tunes in, without requiring an expensive visit to an audiologist for a formal fitting.

Targeting audio professionals and audiophiles, the ZTones will feature a pair of 10mm speakerr drivers, 20-20,000-Hz frequency, 16 ohms impedance and 105 ± 5dB. The braided cables are made of silver, which adds a nice touch of flair for the stylish audiophile out there. A sturdy metal carrying case rounds out the set, perfect for storing the silicone fittings, stereo and airplane adapters.

The I-Mego ZTone earphones will be one of the many products showcased at the 2013 International CES show. We can't wait to stick them in our ears and give them a test drive. We're particularly interested in seeing how they stack up against the $299 Sonomax eers PCS-250's, which we reviewed earlier this year. Stay tuned for coverage from the show floor.

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