HP Shows Off Sleekbook 14 and 15; Windows 8 Notebooks Start at $499

HP is updating its don't-call-me-an-Ultrabook lineup for Windows 8 with the Sleekbook 14 and 15, which measure as thin as 21mm and, in the case of the Sleekbook 14, weighs just 4 pounds. 

Both systems will use ULV processors, Dolby Advanced Audio, and USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. Both will be configurable with up to 8GB of RAM, and 1TB hard drives. The resolution of the displays on both notebooks is 1366 x 768--a little unfortunate, but understandable given the price--and will not be a touchscreen. All interaction with Windows 8 will be via the  touchpad, which supports those new gestures.

the 14-inch version will be available with both AMD and Intel CPUs, as well as Nvidia graphics as an option. The 15-inch model will only use an Intel processor, but will also have optional Nvidia graphics. 

The Sleekbook 14 will start at $499, and the Sleekbook 15 will start at $559, respectively. Both will be available October 26. 

LAPTOP Reviews Editor