How To Take a Screenshot in Windows 8

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Windows 8 adds a much easier way to take screenshots. Instead of having to use the Print Screen button and then paste into Paint (or a similar application), you can now automatically save a screenshot to the Pictures folder as a png with just the touch of a couple of buttons. Here's how.

1. Set up the screen as whatever you want to take a screenshot of.

2. Hold down the Windows Key and Print Screen.

3. You'll find a new screenshot in the Pictures folder in your Library.

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  • bipul Says:

    i had printsrc in my laptop plzz try with "fn+windowskey+printscr"

  • Anonymouse Says:

    Hm. It doesnt work. Do you have any other ways? If so Thank You.

  • AKshayaa Vasudevan Says:

    Very useful message , THANK U so much

  • Sagar karmoker Says:


  • Peter Says:

    I'm with Johnny - this tip doesn't work at all. Also, my Dell laptop doesn't have a FN key.

  • Johnny Says:

    this doesn't work at all. I did not find a single screenshot in my ibrary.

  • Anjela Says:

    Where is print screen located?

  • D.Oneal Says:

    I played around with all the suggestions on my Toshiba laptop with Windows8 OS. This is what worked for me:
    Hold "FN" and the WINDOWS keys at the same time. THEN...hit the "PRTSC" key while still holding the other two keys down. The "PRTSC" key is a shared key and also labeled "END" on my laptop. That's why I have to also hold down the "FN" key in order for the computer to bypass the default "END" function.

  • Karina McGovern Says:

    sorry that didn't work for me

  • Tiyon Says:

    It's not working for me.

  • pattifedewa Says:

    This should be of use...

  • pattifedewa Says:

    I need this!

  • screencapture Says:

    For people who can't get a screenshot by pressing "Win + Print Screen" keys, try this: press "Win + Fn + Print Screen" keys.

  • Erika Says:

    Thanks for this!^^ I really love it

  • Robert Says:

    Held down windows key and hit prtscrn button, nothing happens what am I doing wrong? I have tried this numerous times with no results. Thanks

  • MIDAS H. MAYEL Says:

    It worked on my HP windows 8(Intel Core i3)

  • Dr Avinash Dixit Says:

    I must thank you for having learn the method to take the screen shot.

  • Roxanne Jones Says:

    Lool doesn't work on a Toshiba windows 8 laptop....there's only end-PRTSC and that moves the screen down :(

  • Amy Says:

    When I do this, all my screen does is shoot to the bottom because my PRTSC key is also the END key. And everything I've read that tells me how to change that doesn't work.

  • Wilson Says:

    I have a fairly new Toshiba laptop and the *Fn + *Windows + *Printscreen worked for me. Thanks!

  • He doesnt likehis Family Says:

    "David loves technology and the only thing he loves more than technology is teaching it to others."
    So he loves Tech more than his family?


  • Ali Says:

    it is helpful for me
    thank you so much callie

  • Sue T Says:

    THANK YOU! function key added now it works!

  • sajin Says:


  • Losana Says:

    meh....still trying

  • Josh Says:

    Is there a way to completely reverse everything about this "feature"? and I mean... nuke it.

    Before, I could printscreen and paste... and I was done.

    Now: printscreen... try to open it in my photos... opens in some app I can't figure out how to get out of... no way to copy the photo from the app... try to work my way around that... switch my primary photoviewer that I can use in conjunction with other programs like a sensible human being would actually want to do... I can actually copy it from there... but oh, can't paste pictures into a facebook photo... only screenshots... which I can no longer get on my clipboard... so have to send it as an attachment now instead... look through some menus and VOILA... that only took literally at least 500 times longer.

  • V. Okungu Says:

    A screenshot is as easy as ABC:
    1) On the start menu search/type screen
    2) Click “On-board” key-board
    3) Click “prt scr” on the 'Insert' key
    4) Press ‘ctrl’ and ‘V’ to paste on e-mail or open document

  • Okungu Says:

    A screenshot is as easy as ABC:
    1) On the start menu searcch/type screen
    2) Click "On-board" key-board
    3) Click "prt scr" on the Insert key
    4) Press 'ctrl' and 'V' to paste on e-mail or open document

  • hope Says:

    what is the print screen. i am really new to this technology stuff. i use a toshiba PC windows 8.

  • Roxana Guy Says:

    So easy and well versed. Thank you for the explanation.

  • Marcin Says:

    Thanks a lot..

  • vijayaraghavan Says:

    i have done as said but part of the screen shot also has the "screen saver" how can it be corrected?
    your answers are welcome

  • Lolers112233 Says:

    Didnt Work I Have A Samsung Laptop,Windows 8

  • Andrea Miyata Says:

    For us Toshiba laptop users, try Callie's method:

    Function key + Window key + Print Screen key

    I just tried it and it works :-)

  • Autumn Says:

    It didn't work I did what the directions said but it did not work, it came up as PC Screen only/duplicate/extend/second screen only.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    It works for off my main window ill call it but I play a game called star stable and it is a black screen when I go onto other window things full screen windows with no tab bar... is there a special way I do it for that?

  • tn Says:

    What if you don't have a keyboard and are using the windows keyboard?

  • mizan Says:

    its work great
    Fn+windows buttum+Prt

  • Abdullah Khan Says:

    Thnks at last i found it....

  • Jeff Says:

    Use snipping tool. It is awesome and comes by default with Windows. This is especially powerful when used with a tablet with pen input. I have been using this for more than a decade (Yes, tablet PCs with pen input were around then and it worked awesome then too - Compaq tablet PC!)

  • Abubakar sadiq Says:

    Its works on my hp pavilion.

  • Spirit Says:

    It did not work but I have windows 8.1

  • Dolly Says:

    Ok, I get this now, FN + Windows + PRTSC, the screen dims and paste into a program. I pasted into InDesign.

    I was missing the FN key!

    Thank you!!!

  • yomomma Says:

    i wanna screen shot not print dumb ass -.-

  • adam Says:

    you have helped my and i now can take photos when i am gaming.

    thanks, adam

  • Judy Says:

    Just worked for me. The FN, Windows key and prtsc. I have Toshiba, Windows 8 lap top. Throws it right into your picture file.

  • edwin Says:

    great info!!!!!

  • mohammad Says:

    where is key on the on screen keyboard. i have been looking for the pint scr key forever still cant find it.

  • Jessica Carrington Says:

    Windows 8 sucks! If it was only on tablets/touch screens it would make more sense. I just cant get used to it. I miss the start button. ]:

  • Sydney Lewis Says:

    ugh i hate windows 8 >:( it makes me soo angry and i miss the start button

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