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How to Run Netflix on Any Android Phone

Android users have waited a long time for Netflix to come to their devices and most of them are still waiting. Even though a Netflix app launched a couple of weeks ago, it only works on a handful of handsets such as the HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Nexus S. Other Android users have been out of luck, until now.

If your phone has been rooted, you can download a hacked version of the Netflix installer which will allow you to stream your Netflix movies on just about any phone. We tried the installer on an original Motorola Droid which had been rooted and we had no problems connecting to our account and streaming movies over Verizon's 3G network. However, when we tried to install Netflix an non-rooted Samsung Droid Charge and a non-rooted HTC Thunderbolt, video would play for less than a second and stop.

Note: We cannot vouch for the XDA developers who created these files ,so use at your own risk.

So how do you get Netflix on any Android phone?

1. Check to see if your phone already supports Netflix for Android. Go to the Google market and search for Netflix. If you find it, your handset supports it and you can just download it and skip all the steps below.

2. Root your phone if you haven't already. The process of rooting is different for every handset and it will void your warranty. For instructions for your phone, check out The Unlockr's rooting tutorials.

3. Download the hacked Netflix APK file from XDA developers forum. Try the file named netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk first. If that does not work, try the file named netflix-mod-2.apk.

4. Copy the APK file over to your phone by connecting your phone to your computer via USB and mounting the phone as a drive.

5. Disconnect  your phone from your PC.

6. Set your phone to allow installation of non-market place apps. Check the box under Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources.

7. Locate and open the APK file using a file management app on your phone (ex: Astro File Manager).

Netflix should install and you should be able to log in with your Netflix account and start streaming movies. Remember, that you need a valid Netflix account.