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How to Use the Nexus 5's Built-in Pedometer

There are several apps available on Google Play that turn your phone into a pedometer to track your movements. These apps have typically either been inaccurate in recording steps, drain your phone’s battery quickly, or both. For better accuracy and lower power consumption, Google has built step-counting technology that tracks walking, running and climbing stairs into the Nexus 5's hardware. Here's how to use the Nexus 5 as a pedometer with the free Moves app.

1. Download Moves from the Play Store.

2. Open the Moves App.

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3. Tap OK in the pop-up box telling you that Moves automatically tracks your activity.

4. Enter Settings if you’d like to change to metric units or disable any notifications.

5. Start Moving. Moves will automatically track your activity and provide you with daily reports of your movements.