Hands On: Kensington Takes the Hassle Out of Flying With Electronics

Kensington just unveiled an overnight bag that would've been handy for the trip out here to CES 2013. The Contour Overnight bag doesn't just have slots for all your electronic gear, it also zips open and unfolds completely, allowing passengers to keep their notebook in their bag while it goes through the airport metal detectors. With plenty of room for packing a change of clothes and lots of padding for comfort, this backpack looks like a great travel companion.

The first thing we noticed was the solid build. This backpack was meant to carry all of the essentials for the digitally-connected traveler, and it feels like it'll hold up whether you're carrying a MacBook Air or the powerful MSI GX60. There was plenty of padding in the shoulder straps and the back of the pack to help ease the comfort level when carrying a heavy load. Zippers opened and closed smoothly.

The coolest part about this bag was how it unzipped completely to lay out almost completely flat, with the padded laptop holder on one side and everything else on the other side. This is designed to work with the TSA's rules of scanning your notebook separately. Kensington claimed they've had numerous people fly with their notebooks in this bag and haven't had any issues, but mileage may vary depending on the strictness of the airport.

This backpack is designed to hold notebooks up to 15.6 inches, which covers most mainstream and ultraportable laptops. There are also plenty of pouches to store smartphones, tablets, clothing and cables and even a mesh pouch for any liquids that may need to be screened at the airport.

The Contour Overnight backpack will be available on February 1st and costs $89.99. It's only available in black with a silver lining for now, but that should be a great color for the frequent business traveler who doesn't want anything too flashy. This feels like a backpack that will last a long time.

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