Google's Pixel Slate Not Shipping Until December

Google's latest foray into Chrome OS — its Pixel Slate tablet — is taking its sweet time reaching customers. 

Announced last month at Google's Oct. 3 event, the Slate finally went on pre-order earlier this month, and will ship to customers... some time in December. 

The earliest delivery dates listed on Google's online store place the mid-range Core m3 version as delivering on 4th or 5th of December, provided you're willing to pay $23 for Expedited shipping. If you're not looking to spend more, that configuration of the Slate will arrive on Dec. 7 or 8. A $15 Priority shipping upgrade is available, which gets the tablet to you on the 5th or 6th.

The Google Store is one of the few retailers offering a shipping estimate. Over on Amazon, where the Pixel Slate starts at $999, the tablet is available for pre-order, but no release date is listed.

Estimates place the fastest Pixel Slate — the Core i7 configuration — as delivering a day later, on either the 5th or 6th, with a $23 Expedited shipping option to get it to you a day earlier. 

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You're waiting even longer if you want the cheapest configuration. The entry-level model, which packs a Celeron CPU and 4GB of RAM will arrive on Dec. 12 or 13 with normal shipping, and the $23 Expedited shipping option moves those delivery dates up by a day.

The Core i5 CPU model is slated to arrive later, on Dec. 14 or 15 with standard delivery. Those who can't wait can pay $15 extra to get the tablet two days earlier via Priority shipping, and or $23 extra to get the Slate three days earlier.

The most-delayed version is the Celeron/8GB RAM configuration, which should arrive on Dec. 19 or 20, which is a bit too close to Christmas for comfort. Again, a $23 Expedited shipping option gets this Slate to you a day earlier. 

Google pitched the Pixel Slate as a detachable 2-in-1 ready to replace your laptop, as it packs Chrome OS and its full-fledged web browser, which gives it capabilities that some pro users wish the iPad Pro offered. The Slate will also run Android apps, opening up a wide range of games and utilities.