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Garmin Dash Cam Gives Drivers a Second Set of Eyes

Garmin is bringing a new form of dash cam to market designed to emphasize safe, responsible driving. Dubbed the Garmin Dash Cam, the fully-automated camera, which goes on sale next month for $219, suctions directly to your car's windshield. Start your car’s engine, and the camera automatically begins recording, only switching off when your turn off your car.

The goal of the Dash Cam is to record any incidents that occur during your drive including heavy braking or a collision. When the Dash Cam’s built-in G-Sensor detects such a incident, it signals the camera to begin saving the current, last and next recording to provide drivers with a complete record of the situation.

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Footage can be saved in 1080p, 720p or WVGA and is stored on the Dash Cam’s built-in 4GB microSD card. If you want to save more video, you can install up to a 32GB card. Opt for the GPS-enabled version of the Dash Cam for $249, and in addition to being time stamped, your footage will also be marked with location data including altitude, date, time, speed and your direction of travel. 

An integrated microphone also lets you record any sound from inside your vehicle prior to, during and after an incident. A 2.3-inch color display helps you setup the Dash Cam for the best viewing angle in your car, and a suction cup lets you mount it to your windshield.

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