G Styled: The MyTouch 4G Brings Color To The Conversation

This week I had a look at the MyTouch 4G over at Laptop Magazine. I must say it is about time that T-Mobile has another high end Android device. Android started out on T-Mobile and I used to think of them as the home of Android, until recently.

The MyTouch 4G is definitely a contender. It comes in a much slimmer package than the MyTouch 3G and with a better screen resolution in my opinion. Noticeable additions include a front facing camera for video chat and faster data speed, all cool points there. It does seem a little wider than the 3G, but this isn't too bad, considering the slimness of it.

One of the best things, style wise: it comes in colors! Seems like a rare occurrence now a days for a device to come in multiple colors, what is up with that? I'm very glad that the MyTouch 4G comes in white, black, plum and red. I like that this phone comes in white. Especially since While Apple is taking forever to produce their white phone, Google and Android doesn't seem to be having that issue. I do find it funny that with all the hype and fanfare Apple has, it is a color option they are having difficulty with!

Overall the MyTouch looks pretty good -- I would recommend it. It will be a tough choice, though, if you get a look at the Samsung Vibrant in the store, but definitely worth your consideration. Oh, before I forget, minus a point for calling it "4G" when T-Mobile doesn't really have a 4G network yet.

MyTouch 4G G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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