G Styled: The MacBook Pro - Best Looking Laptop Of 2010

If you picked up the April issue of Laptop Magazine this month or just recently checked their blog this week you'll see that they posted their Best & Worst Laptop Brands of 2010 and Apple came out best. Keeping in harmony with this, I stopped by to check out the new 15-inch MacBook Pro that was recently released.

Since this is G Styled, let's jump right into what I thought of this new model in terms of how it looks. Two words: Very Sexy!

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for reading...

Okay, no seriously let me explain. The Apple Macbook Pro is simply one sexy piece of hardware. Though I checked out the 15-inch, this could easily apply to the 13 and 17-inch models as well.

The aluminum unibody design is a thing of beauty, and though they haven't actually changed anything in the design, it still looks better than anything else that is out right now. Think about any exotic car -- most times new models don’t change much except for what is under the hood. This is exactly what Apple has done; upgraded under the hood while the exterior remains the same.

I could complain about this as I have definitely been very vocal about the fact that they have done the same thing with the iPhone and I want a new look there. However, with the Macbook Pro line, there is no where really that Apple can go with this except under the hood. They have pumped out a line that is slim, sexy, sleek, a fashion icon. As far as Apple being the best laptop brand of 2010, I'll have to agree. From a G Style perspective, the MacBook Pro is definitely the best looking laptop of 2010.

G Style Rating: So Fashion Forward

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