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G Styled: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - The BMW 5 Series of Android Devices!

This one is pretty easy for me. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a great tablet and a great Android device. So the 8.9 version of this device has all the style, coolness, and swag (yes I said swag, and probably will be the last time you see me type it) of its larger brother in a more manageable size.

Style can come in many shapes and sizes. Let's say you think that a 10-inch device is too big, but a 7-incher like the the Blackberry Playbook is too small to you, then that is where the Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes in. Though I find saying "8.9" odd, the device has that just right feel. It isn't too big nor too small.

I find the Galaxy Tab series to be on par with the style of any iPad 2, so when you have multiple sizes to choose from, I think of the BMW 7 and 5 series. Both the Galaxy Tab and the BMW have style, class, and sophistication, just in different sizes. 

The only thing I don't like about the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the price. I don't know about you, but I think we've entered a world of $99 dollar fire sales, and $199.99 Kindle Fire tablets now. So to market a tablet for more than $400 is a tough sale for me. How about you? Overall if you like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as much as I do, then the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is perfect for you if you want something a little smaller.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 G Style Rating - Fashion Icon