G Styled: Samsung Epic 4G - A Little HDTV In Your Pocket

This week I checked out the Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S class phone. If you have already seen the Captivate (AT&T) and the Vibrant (T-Mobile), then you already know a little bit about this phone.

First off, like its siblings, the Epic 4G has a gorgeous screen. That Super AMOLED display is really the cat's meow. Currently I feel it is the only way one should be watching movies on a phone. Forget your Blackberry (as a BB lover, pains me to say that), forget your iPhone, forget your Evo. If you want to have a little LCD HDTV in your pocket, you want a Samsung Galaxy S device, so you want the Epic 4G.

Moving away from talking about the screen (which is pretty hard because it is just so pretty), the Epic 4G is the first and only phone with a slide out keyboard that I think is worth using. I'm not a big fan of slide out keyboard phones, but the Epic 4G does it well, and it was a joy to use.

Overall the device is a win! Though it has a slide out keyboard, it isn't overly thick, or awkward. It has a nice shape, height, and width. This is definitely a phone you should be looking at if you are with Sprint.

Samsung Epic 4G G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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