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G Styled: Motorola DROID Bionic, Overhyped Much?

The Motorola Droid Bionic has been much hyped over the last several months. And when the good people at LAPTOP Magazine told me they had it in house, I had to take a look. I will say this, just to get it out of the way early, this still isn't the Droid your looking for.

Okay, maybe that might have been too harsh: It is a decent smartphone. On the specs front, it is a beast like many of the Droid phones before it. But in terms of style, I'm starting to get bored.

I can see elements of the Motorola Droid 3 and the Droid X in this phone's design. Like the glossy metal trim at the foot of the device, screams Droid 3. Flip it over and you have the same kind of material that the Droid X made popular, it is only missing the distinctive sloped top back of the X and X2. There isn't anything wrong with these design elements, I've seen them before. Since its introduction, the Droid brand felt geek chic to the max--blurring the line between robotics and phones, well at least the commercials made it seem so. But since the original Droid, it seems like each robot that follows is just a carbon copy off the assembly line. Where is the uniqueness? Think iRobot: The next generation robots looked so much sexier than the last. Let's innovate Motorola! Don't believe the Droid name will carry the device forever.

That said, on the software side, each new Droid gets cooler animations. I absolutely love when you put the device on standby and it turns off like an old school TV with the white line across the screen and then all black. I also really like the unlock screen and the way the multiple screens look after you hit the home button twice, it is a very cool effect, worthy of the Droid name. It feels futuristic, and that is what I want to see in a device with the name Droid.

In the end, I not sure why this device has received all the hype that it has. Yes, it has LTE 4G. Yes, its specs are at the top of the pack--but then again, the next phone in another month or so will have the same or even better specs. While it is technically the thinnest LTE 4G phone from Verizon Wireless, it hasn't done a good job of visually making it look so. As Mark Spoonauer mentioned in his hands on, the Motorola Photon 4G looks better with its sleeker angled corners.

Motorola DROID Bionic G Styled Rating: Middle of the Road Fashion Status